Mountain Cool is a body cream manufacturing company comprised of motivated members with diverse dermatological knowledge.




To become a focused company in skin care products; aligning ourselves with the needs, changes and desires of the customers.




Our company's mission is to break through the market and become one of the leading skin care product manufacturer. While maintaining a competitive attitude, we also seek to give back to the community through employment, community support projects and feeding schemes.


Our products are suitable for use by the whole family. This is an innovative product for all skin conditions. Mountain cool herbal extracts, fruit acids and emollient oils to give you an all in one product for skin health.


It acts as antimicrobial, anti-itch (irritant) skin conditioner and moisturiser. It can be used on entire body and suitable for all ages. Our Mountain Cool products come in different fragrances, namely Jasmine, Lavender and Mint.


Instructions for use


Mountain cool can be used on all types of skin and all over the body. It can be used daily or as required on affected area. Generously apply after bathing as ointment and message gently.


Useful for


  • Psoriasis, ringworms, athletes foot, aftershave bumps, fungal/bacterial itches, acne, sun (chemical) burns, itchy skin, rash. Apply Mountain Cool in the morning and in the evening. Increase application as you need.
  • Dry skin and scalp,, flaky skin, cracked heels and heels and fingers, face and neck. Apply Mountain Cool twice daily as a moisturiser, in the morning after bathing and late at night before going to sleep.
  • As a moisturiser, use twice daily in the morning and evening. This can be applied as face and body cream for all seasons.
  • Insect Bites, irritants and nappy rash, apply on the affected area generously and rub gently. You should feel the effects in thirty to forty-five minutes
  • Although not designs to be an odour repellent, it can be used as such because of the fragrances. use for feet, armpits, body folds. Good for athletes and sports people.
  • If allergy develops stop for at least two days and retry

Mountain Cool products have a balanced blend of natural herbs and oil extracts from botanicals and vitamins. Some of these herbs are used in aromatherapy as calmatives.




Stearic acid, bee wax, emulsifying oil, GMS, Shear butter, Aloe Vera, Chamomile, tea tree oil, Allantoin, KOH, Bac 50, Vitamin E & A, Lactic acid, Glycolic acid, Urea, MSM, EDTA, Sapi gel, DC 300. No Parabens or Alum Salts